Inside Government – December 10th and December 17th, 2010

Special Rebroadcast!

Jacque Simon
AFGE Public Policy Director

  • More analysis of President Obama’s federal employee pay freeze
  • Pay freeze’s impact on federal employee recruitment and retention

Tim Shamble
President, AFGE Voice of America Local 1812

  • How a federal pay freeze will produce minimal gains in deficit reduction
  • The reaction of Local 1812 members to the pay freeze

Gerald Swanke
AFGE 11th District National Vice President

  • Caring for our nation’s veterans when they return home from war
  • Communicating the valuable work of federal employees to the public

Fredna White
AFGE 10th District Women’s Coordinator

  • Fighting for full collective bargaining rights for all Department of Veterans Affairs employees
  • Dispelling the myth that federal employees are overpaid
  • Federal employees’ commitment to public service