TSP returns stall in April

Thrift Savings Plan figures, which had been on an upward climb, appear to have stalled in April, with seven of the 10 funds finishing in the red last month, according to monthly returns.

The F Fund, which tracks a broad index of government- and corporate-backed bonds, posted a gain of just over 1.12 percent.

Both the G Fund, which is made up of government-invested securities, and the L Income Fund, a lifecyle fund for participants who are retired and already drawing on their TSP accounts, posted more modest gains of 0.15 percent and 0.01 percent, respectively.

All of the lifecyle funds — which shift investments as employees near retirement — with the exception of the L Income posted negative returns for April. The L 2050 fund was down 0.78 percent in April and down 0.73 over the last 12 months.


Still, all of the funds have remained in positive territory since the start of the year, with the S and the I Fund up 13.64 percent and 11.94 percent, respectively, since the beginning of 2012.

The results are less optimistic, though, looked at over the past 12 months. The I Fund, which invests in a mix of international stocks, ended April down nearly 13 percent from April 2011. The S Fund, which invests in smaller companies, is down 1.24 percent from April 2011.

Thrift Savings Plan April 2012 returns

Fund April Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.15% 0.54% 2.02%
F Fund 1.12% 1.44% 7.58%
C Fund -0.62% 11.94% 4.83%
S Fund -0.71% 13.64% -1.24%
I Income -1.87% 8.84% -12.49%
L Income 0.01% 2.73% 2.22%
L 2020 -0.38% 6.52% 0.95%
L 2030 -0.52% 8.02% 0.54%
L 2040 -0.68% 9.16% 0.09%
L 2050 -0.78% 10.22% -0.73%


Compared to March returns

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