TSP Tracker: Annual returns from 1987 – today

The Thrift Savings Plan, the federal-employee 401(k), rolled out in 1987. Through the years, it’s picked up some new fund options. In this interactive chart, track annual returns of all 10 TSP funds.

The G, F and C Funds launched in 1987. Later, in 2001, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board added the S and the I funds.

Finally, in 2005, the board added lifecycle options to the TSP. The L funds consist of a mix of the other funds that change over time as a participant nears retirement.

(Click the colored box next to each funds’ name to isolate its performance. You can also use the scroll-bar at the bottom of the chart to track TSP performance within a particular time period.)


Individual Funds

percent change


“L” Funds

percent change


(Source: TSP.gov / Chart produced by Andrew Mazzocchi)

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