TSP funds rebound thanks to strong July market

Funds in the Thrift Savings Plan rebounded last month from a June dip. All TSP funds posted in positive territory for the first time since April, and some funds boasted their biggest monthly increases of the year.

The government-securities G Fund ticked up to 0.18 percent — its strongest showing in nearly two years.

The F Fund, tracked to the bond market, which posted in the red the past two months, creeped up 0.13 percent. However the fund is still down 2.15 percent for the year and 1.71 percent over the past 12 months.

The C, S and I Funds posted substantial gains. The C Fund, tracked to the performance of stocks of S&P 500 companies, was up 5.10 percent (and up nearly 25 percent over the past 12 months); the S Fund, tracked to the performance of small-company stocks, increased 6.88 percent (up 35.16 percent over the last year); and the I Fund, tracked to the performance of international stocks, posted gains of 5.29 percent (up 24.5 percent over the last year).


July was the best month on Wall Street since January, according to the Associated Press.

Thrift Savings Plan July 2013 returns

Fund July Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.18% 0.94% 1.50%
F Fund 0.13% -2.15% -1.71%
C Fund 5.10% 19.64% 24.97%
S Fund 6.88% 23.72% 35.16%
I Fund 5.29% 8.98% 24.50%
L Income 1.21% 3.92% 5.97%
L 2020 2.95% 9.13% 14.23%
L 2030 3.72% 11.46% 17.84%
L 2040 4.29% 13.20% 20.58%
L 2050 4.83% 14.79% 23.27%