Most TSP funds hold steady in November, though gains slow

Nearly all the funds in the Thrift Savings Plan ended last month in positive territory, although with smaller gains than in the past few months, according to data provided by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, which oversees the TSP.

The C Fund, which is tracked to the performance of the Standard and Poor’s 500, posted the largest gains — 3.05 percent. The C Fund’s gains were driven by a strong month on Wall Street for the S&P stock index, according to the Associated Press.

Of the five regular funds, only the F Fund posted in the red for November, down 0.35 percent. The fund, which is tracked to the bond market, is also the only fund to be trending negative for the year. Year-to-date, the fund is down 1.13 percent.

The S Fund, a mix of smaller companies not included in the S&P 500, was up 2.49 percent and the I Fund, tracked to international stocks, inched up 0.75 percent. Year-to-date, the former has gained 34.40 percent and the latter 20.32 percent.


The L Funds, a professionally administered set of investments targeted to TSP participants’ retirement dates, all gained during the month. The L Income Fund — designed for participants who have retired and are currently withdrawing from their accounts — gained 0.58 percent. The remaining L Funds all gained more than 1 percent.

The returns for November follow two consecutive months of across-the-board gains.

Thrift Savings Plan November 2013 returns

Fund November Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.18% 1.69% 1.81%
F Fund -0.35% -1.13% -1.26%
C Fund 3.05% 29.17% 30.34%
S Fund 2.49% 34.40% 38.02%
I Fund 0.75% 20.32% 25.16%
L Income 0.58% 6.35% 6.86%
L 2020 1.24% 14.59% 15.96%
L 2030 1.54% 18.32% 20.06%
L 2040 1.74% 21.08% 23.13%
L 2050 1.93% 23.75% 26.14%


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