TSP funds rebound in August

August was kinder than July to federal retirement accounts.

All Thrift Savings Plan domestic funds recorded gains over the past month, while the I Fund, invested in international stock, fell 0.14 percent, according to the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board.

In the most dramatic comeback, the S Fund, invested in small cap stocks, ended August 4.98 percent higher than it began. It has gained 22.61 percent over a year ago.

Despite the recent dip, even the I Fund remains up 16.8 percent compared with 12 months ago.


The conservative G Fund, made up of government securities, recorded gains of 0.20 percent. It was the only one of the five funds that ended July in the black.

The F Fund, made up of bonds, rose 1.12 percent in August, up 6.35 percent from a year ago. It ended last year in the red.

Many federal employees choose to save in lifecycle funds targeted towards particular dates. They are made up of varying combinations of the individual TSP funds in the chart above. The L 2050 Fund, weighted towards more aggressive stock funds, rose 2.61 percent over the month.

At the other end of the spectrum, the cautious L Income Fund gained 0.84 percent over the same period.

Both charts included in this article are courtesy of the Thrift Savings Plan.


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