Continuing resolution, Harriers, Israeli technology & prescription drug shortages

This week on BGOV’s Capital Impact show hosted by Allen Scott:

  • The continuing resolution has passed but is that a good thing? We’ll talk next steps in the sequestration process with Defense Analyst Rob Levinson
  • With the delay of the F-35 there’s become a need to repair the Harrier AV-8B to continue Marine operations in Afghanistan. That’s actually easier said than done. Defense Analyst Dr. Kevin Brancato and Federal Business Analyst Christine Ryan will explain.
  • Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren told BGOV that Israel was preparing to deal “not in the too-far distant future ” with this “existential threat”. He was referring to Irans near completion of an atom bomb. In dealing with the threat, what Israeli technology would be on display? Defense Analyst Dr. Kevin Brancato will explain.
  • Medicare cuts could be the reason why certain medications may be in short supply, as a result the “Grey Market” is thriving. Health Care Analyst Brian Rye’s new study explains it all.

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Allen Scott (moderator) specializes in customer on boarding and training at Bloomberg Government. Allen previously worked at Arbitron, Inc. where he served in a variety of roles from customer service to sales operations manager. Prior to Arbitron, Allen worked in radio for several years in the Washington and Baltimore areas. Most recently he spent six years at 99.1 HFS as co-host and news director.
Robert Levinson is a defense analyst at Bloomberg Government. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force with more than 20 years of service. Levinson worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategic communications consultant. He has a bachelor’s degree from the United States Air Force Academy and a masters from the University of California, San Diego.
Christine Ryan is a federal business intelligence analyst with Bloomberg Government. She worked as a research analyst at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and has also worked as an analyst for Interactive Brokers Group. She earned a B.S. in finance from Fordham University and a MPIA in international economics from the University of California, San Diego..
Kevin Brancato is a defense analyst at Bloomberg Government. Before joining Bloomberg, he was a management scientist at the RAND Corporation, where he analyzed weapon system costs and defense manpower policies. He received a B.A. in math from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.
Brian Rye is a health care financial analyst with Bloomberg Government. Before joining Bloomberg, he spent 12 years as an equity research analyst at SunTrust, Raymond James and Janney Montgomery Scott. In those capacities, he followed biotech, pharmaceutical and other health care companies. Rye also served as a senior business management analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton’s civil health group. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.