Inside Government – August 5th and August 12th, 2011

Special Rebroadcast

Augusta Thomas
AFGE National Vice President for Women’s and Fair Practices

  • Preview of AFGE’s Human Rights Training Conference Aug. 8 – 11
  • Standing up for middle class workers and the right to collectively bargain

Bob Challender
President, AFGE Local 200

  • Furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration, which have affected thousands of workers including AFGE members

Bob Nicklas
Director, AFGE Political Action Committee

  • Series of rallies planned nationwide to support middle class workers and public service
  • The impact federal budget cuts will have on critical services provided to the public

James Glenn
President, AFGE Local 1643

  • Unique perspective as a federal employee working in Iraq with the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
  • Concerns over pay and hiring freezes, as well as budget cuts