How telework built

Federal News Radio launched its new website today and telework played a large role in making that happen.

Much of the work to build the new site was done at Federal News Radio’s offices in D.C. but employees were also able to work on the project from home – and many took advantage of that flexibility throughout the nine-month process.

Federal News Radio’s IT team allows remote access to the site’s content management system (where the site is built) via a password-protected url. Employees can access the back-end of the site at any time from this link. In the days leading up to the launch of the new website, employees were working around the clock to make sure it launched on schedule. Remote access to the CMS allowed team members to complete much of this work from home.

Federal News Radio also used a web-based management system to track the various tasks associated with the redesign. The system was accessible from anywhere and allowed team members to update each other in real-time on the status of their individual assignments. The system was especially useful in keeping the members of the development team that live outside of the D.C. region up to speed on the project.


While telework brought flexibility to the project, in-person collaboration was still an integral part of the process. Weekly meetings to discuss progress provided a balance to the work being done remotely. That balance was the key to completing the redesign on time.