Inside Government – September 2nd, 2011

Special Broadcast from AFGE’s Region B Training Conference

Jason Wilder
President, AFGE U.S. Marshals Service Local 2272

  • The unique challenges U.S. Marshals face on the job
  • Working to secure a new master agreement for the work force

David Sheagley
Regional Vice President, AFGE Social Security Administration Council 220
President, AFGE SSA Local 3448

  • The impact early field office closures has on SSA recipients
  • Suggestions to enhance Social Security

John O’Grady
Treasurer, AFGE Environmental Protection Agency Council 238
President, AFGE EPA Local 704

  • Council 238’s “Save the EPA” campaign
  • Educating lawmakers about the need to properly fund EPA

Joe Mansour
National Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, AFGE Council of Prison Locals
President, AFGE Bureau of Prisons Local 1102

  • Understaffing and underfunding crisis at the Bureau of Prisons
  • The need to provide correctional officers with protective equipment