Peter L. Levin

Senior Advisor to the Secretary, and Chief Technology Officer; Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Peter L. Levin was appointed Senior Advisor to the Secretary, and Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs on June 1, 2009. In this role, Dr. Levin identifies new technologies and promotes innovations that will allow VA to serve veterans with higher reliability, greater accessibility, and lower cost. Dr. Levin further acts as a liaison to key stakeholders, other Federal agencies, and private sector partners.

Dr. Levin has a long and distinguished career in both government and technology. Most recently, he worked as cofounder and Chief Executive of an award-winning semiconductor software firm. He sat on the board of directors of several early-stage technology start-ups, most notably NeoLinear Inc. and Astaro AG, and he was a general partner of TVM as well as a venture partner in Ventizz Capital – both early-stage venture capital firms based in Germany.

Dr. Levin was a White House Fellow during the Clinton Administration; he was a Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Assistant to the Counselor to the President. He was also an expert consultant in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, where he co-edited the 1997 Biennial Presidential Report to Congress on Science and Technology, and co-authored its chapter on technology.


After completing his doctoral studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Levin began his academic career at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and later served as research dean in the College of Engineering at Boston University. A National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator, he is the author of more than 50 articles on topics ranging from global positioning and cybersecurity to advanced simulations of electromagnetic and ultrasonic systems. Dr. Levin was a guest professor of Mathematical Physics and Humboldt Fellow at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, and is today a consulting professor at Stanford University and a member of the advisory board of the computer science department at WPI.