Michael C. Theis

Mr. Michael C. Theis (pronounced Tice) uses his 25+ years as a Counterintelligence Supervisory Special Agent supporting the US Intelligence Community along with his 30+ years of concurrent computer systems engineering experience to aid the CERT Insider Threat Center further its research and development of socio-technical controls in Computational Endoparacology (insider threats). Previously, Mr. Theis was the first-ever Cyber-Counterintelligence Program Manager for the National Reconnaissance Office, where he served as the Chief for Cyber-CI investigations and operations for over six years. In 2006, he was named one of the Premier 100 IT Leaders in the nation by COMPUTERWORLD Magazine, and for the last five years has served as a Judge of international government IT business case submissions to the IT Honors Foundation. Mr. Theis is a frequent keynote speaker at government, private industry, and academic conferences, where he is a recognized thought leader for cyberspace intelligence and security issues. He has also guest lectured at Harvard and MIT on the challenges and opportunities of modeling human behavior in cyberspace.