Highlights from Families USA Health Action 2013 Conference – February 8, 2013

Special presentation from Radio Row at the Families USA Health Action 2013 Conference

Former Rep. Bob Edgar (D-Pa.)
President and CEO, Common Cause

  • Efforts to reform the Senate filibuster
  • The need to balance the budget, reform the tax code, and invest in infrastructure

Bob Weiner
Former Clinton White House Spokesman

  • Analysis of recent GDP decline
  • Important provisions in the Affordable Care Act

Eleanor Clift
Contributor, Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Download our online chat with Col. Brandon Pearce, chief information security officer for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

  • The future of health care reform
  • Implementing the Affordable Care Act at the state level

Ron Pollack
Executive Director, Families USA

  • Medicaid’s expansion under the Affordable Care Act
  • The role of insurance companies going forward