AFGE responds to DOD furlough plan, highlights legal wins – April 5, 2013

Don Hale
Chair, AFGE Defense Conference (DEFCON)

  • Analysis of Defense Department’s plan to reduce furlough days from 22 to 14
  • The impact furloughs have on federal employees and public service delivery
  • Other ways DOD could trim costs from its budget

Eric Bunn
National Vice President, AFGE 14th District

  • Top priorities as newly elected national vice president
  • Sequestration’s impact on District 14 members

David Borer
AFGE General Counsel

  • AFGE’s latest legal victories
  • The value of legal representation in the workplace for federal employees

Shawn Moran
Vice President, AFGE National Border Patrol Council

  • Sequestration’s impact on Border Patrol agents and border security