Paul A. Tibbits, M.D.

Dr. Tibbits was inducted into Senior Executive Service in February 2004, appointed Deputy Chief Information Officer for Enterprise Development for Department of Veterans Affairs on 7 December 2006 – July 2010. He is currently the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Architecture, Strategy, and Design.

Dr. Tibbits served in DoD as Director of the Business Management and Modernization Program and Transformation Support Office until September 2005, then served as Deputy Director of Military Health System Office of Transformation, representing Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs). While at VA, Dr. Tibbits led the Transformation-21 Work Group to set in place the IT organization, processes, projects, and knowledge management tools necessary to prepare VA to operate in the 21st century.

Dr. Tibbits is an experienced executive in change management, organizational development, global health IT systems, planning, problem-solving, metrics, outsourcing, contracts, finance, employee effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Dr. Tibbits served as Program Executive Officer of $400M Defense IT enterprise, with 18 years leading change management, process re-engineering, and IT initiatives supporting health care of 8.5M people, 50M visits, 1M admissions annually in Military Health System.

Dr. Tibbits led IT operations for approximately 100 hospitals, 500 clinics, 100 data centers, networks, and 125,000 desktops; and implemented controls to manage total ownership costs.