AFGE president previews union’s 2014 agenda – December 20, 2013 and December 27, 2013

Special Rebroadcast

J. David Cox Sr.
AFGE National President

  • A preview of the union’s 2014 agenda
  • Looking back on sequestration and the government lockout
  • Analysis of the Budget Conference Committee deal, which will require federal employees hired after 2013 to contribute more to their pensions.

Eric Young
President, AFGE Council of Prison Locals

  • An inside look at the Bureau of Prisons and dangers facing correctional officers
  • Collaborating with other AFGE councils to strengthen the union

John Adams
Vice President, AFGE Department of Veterans Affairs Local 2778

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  • Sequestration’s impact on VA research
  • Contracting out concerns
  • Federal employees’ positive impact on their communities and local economies