Matthew Keller

Vice President of Federal Services, GuidePoint Security

Matthew Keller is the Vice President of Federal Services at GuidePoint Security. He is responsible for providing world-class information security solutions to Government customers across the globe. He is responsible for architecting, designing, and engineering solutions to combat advanced cyber security threats to include networks, systems, and investigation challenges.

Prior to joining GuidePoint, Mr. Keller worked for a Government Systems Integrator where he led a team of security engineers to design and develop next-generation threat protection and defenses. Prior to that, Mr. Keller was a Principal Cyber Forensics Analyst for the Department of Defense, where he worked both Law Enforcement and Cyber Intrusion cases for the Department of Defense. Mr. Keller has extensive experience in architecting and engineering government private cloud solutions and currently advises Government customers on Attack-Driven Defenses for network protection.

Mr. Keller has more than ten years of experience in Information Technology and Security with a Master’s Degree in Information Security from Eastern Michigan University and multiple forensic certifications from both private and DoD institutions. He currently teaches at The George Washington University in the High Tech Crime Investigation Graduate Program and has spoken at multiple industry conferences, including CEIC.