The Future of Data Storage


With the explosive and exponential growth of data, agencies and enterprises are looking for ways to manage the storage environments. On “The Future of Data Storage,” Jeskell Storage Systems Practice Director Russ Schneider addressed the challenges agencies are facing in this area.

“Federal IT spending over the last five years has decreased 2.4 percent annually,” according to Schneider. “And faced with that drop in funds available for infrastructure, acts are now putting tremendous pressure on federal agencies to secure data, to store data and to analyze data. And nobody really has their house 100 percent in order.”

Schneider noted that unstructured data, which he says people use to spot terrorists and detect Medicare fraud, represents about 31 percent of all federal data and is growing at six times the rate of structured data.

“All of a sudden we have this explosion, where 2.5 trillion bytes of new data are being created every day,” Schneider said. “And that data is being created faster than agencies can figure out how to store it, how to secure it, and at what appropriate storage tier it needs to be stored on.”

Learn how agencies can meet their data storage and security needs on “The Future of Data Storage.”



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Russell Schneider, Storage Systems Practice Director, Jeskell Systems, LLC

Jeskell Russ Schneider HeadshotRussell Schneider is the Storage Systems Practice Director at Jeskell Systems, LLC. With more than 30 years as an IT storage specialist, he has deep expertise in industry-leading storage technologies and best practices. Russ is a thought leader, speaker, computer industry entrepreneur, and complex storage architect and implementer. He works tirelessly to educate Jeskell customers on the latest topics and tactics in enterprise storage. Russ frequently speaks on a variety of storage practices ranging from data center workload relocation, to backup and recovery, to enterprise data encryption, and more. In 2013, he accepted IBM’s leadership award for Federal Storage Partner of the Year on behalf of Jeskell Systems, and was a software defined storage panelist at the IBM Fast Data Forum in 2014.