Pickpockets lurk in crowds

As you plan your summer travel, remember that the loss of your personal valuables can ruin your vacation.

Friends recently returned from Paris and both were victims of pickpockets. His wallet was lifted from his pocket while on the subway. Her wallet was taken out of her purse when they were on the train. In both cases, they were in crowded areas where it was difficult to avoid people bumping into them.

The safest procedure is to carry your valuables in a money belt under your clothes. But for some people this is not acceptable, so there are other precautions you can take. A man should wrap a rubber band around his wallet because it produces friction and makes it difficult for a thief to slide it out of a pocket. Also, don’t carry your wallet in your hip pocket.

A woman should carry a zippered bag over the shoulder and under the upper arm, and keep a firm grip on it.


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