Tech Talk – 10/20/12

Photo Streams in iOS6 (sharing was never easier), transferring Windows Live Mail to new computer (export and import details), portable MP3 and FLAC players, favorite iPhone apps (Camera+, Viber, Flipboard, plus many more), audio vs data CD formatting, Profiles in IT (Stanford Robert Ovshinsky, American inventor and scientist), how are most iPhones damaged (falling out of users hands is first, water damage is second), Ada Lovelace Day (October 16, Ada was the first computer programmer, created a program for the Babbage Analytical Engine), Day Zero exploits good for at least 10 months (most target Windows or Adobe products, increasingly used for cyber warfare, based on Symantec study), and text spam is on the rise (4.5 billion text spams in 2011, forward spam message to 7726 to report).