Tech Talk – 11/03/12

LastPass vs. Keepass (password vauls), setting time zone in iPhone, Windows disk clearnup (removing old restore points can reclaim diskspace), open source MS Office alternatives (Open Office, Libre Office), controlling spam (setting filters, reporting spam, masking email address when posting), Profiles in IT (Eben Christoper Upton, creator of Raspberry Pi hacker computer), Devicee of the Week (Rasberry Pi computer, ARM-based PC, five ports, boots Linus from SD flash memory, great way to learn computer science, $35, starter kit $100), Russian hacker outed with webcam picture (Nation of Georgia enticed hacker to download malware, turned on webcam, published photo), Phillips Hue LED lighting system (color and intensity controlled with iPhone app, connected with Wi-Fi, $59 per bulb) and Republicans use more social media (both parties now on par, Dems dominated social media in 2008).