Tech Talk – 11/10/12

Google Map update frequency, configuring VoIP phone in DMZ, installing Ubuntu Linux on laptops (use VMWare to create a virtual machine, old OS will remain intact), switching from MS Messenger to Skype, meaning of BIOS beeps during bootup failure, Profiles in IT (Donald Ervin Knuth, author of The Art of Programming and TeX), Device of the Week (Phillips HUE LED lights, controlled with Zigbee wireless standard, bridge to Wi-Fi network, use iPhone app), Google blocked in China (in preparation for the Communist National Congress), Website of the Week (, a polling aggregation site run by Nate Silver, sophisticated statistics, called the election with accuracy), and Romneys ORCA website failure (a centralized site to orchestrate the get-out-the-vote campaign crashed on election day, app that had not been beta tested, failure may have cost him the election).