Tech Talk – 8/17/13

Internet TV options, geo-location techniques, 32-bit vs 64-bit operating systems, Gmail configuration without tabs, chkdsk revealed, hardware vs software firewalls, Profiles in IT (Evi Nemeth, Godmother of UNIX administrators), Erdos number defined, 3D printing of high security keys, encrypted email in Germany (response to NSA data collection), NSA surveillance (the official position vs the Snowden leaks, NSA has not been truthful), Google goes dark for 2 minutes (worldwide Internet traffic drops by 40%), Apple patents may block the import of some Samsung devices, Bitcom now tracked with Bloomberg ticker, Bitcoin features (anonymity, lack of government monetary controls, no bank transaction fees, susceptible to manipulation, will be blocked by government if it become too successful), and Bitcoin money makers (Bitcoin ETF, Bitpay, Butterfly Labs, Coinbase, Silk Road).