2018 budget request

  • A transitional approach for the 2018 budget request

    OMB Director Shaun Donovan told agencies the Obama administration is preparing a budget database in preparation for the presidential transition in January.

  • DoD says March continuing resolution likely, as it prepares 2018 budget review

    Defense Department Comptroller Mike McCord said the prospect of a continuing resolution into the new year is one of the biggest challenges DoD will face. House Republicans seem poised to act on a continuing resolution that would keep the government funded through current spending levels until March.

  • Employee morale declining since hiring freeze, NTEU members say

    About 58 percent of federal employees say their workloads have increased since President Donald Trump authorized a temporary hiring freeze for some agencies, according to a recent survey from the National Treasury Employees Union.

  • Union warns SSA employees of furloughs under Trump’s proposed budget

    Proposed budget cuts to civilian agencies in fiscal 2018 may mean that the Social Security Administration will have to issue furlough notices to its employees. A union that represents SSA field operations and phone service center employees said the agency’s workforce could see five days of furloughs for every 1 percent cut to the Social Security administration budget.

  • Concerned by TSA, Coast Guard budget cuts, senators push DHS nominee for answers

    Amid reports that the White House is planning budget cuts at the Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for the President’s border security and immigration policies, some senators are worried the Homeland Security Department will forget the lessons it’s learned about risk-based management. They asked Elaine Duke, the nominee to be the DHS deputy secretary, about her approach to future budgetary decisions.

  • Ahead of Trump’s 2018 budget release, NARFE predicts tough fight for fed pay/benefits

    With the President’s fiscal 2018 budget expected later this week, lawmakers and federal employee unions are gearing up for what could be a long and contentious fight over civilian agency spending and possible cuts to other federal employee programs. The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association says the 2018 budget is its biggest challenge this year.

  • No word yet on feds’ pay in president’s 2018 budget blueprint

    President Donald Trump offered a first look at his upcoming management agenda in the 2018 budget blueprint. The agenda will focus on eliminating agency reporting requirements on IT, acquisition, human capital and real property and letting “managers manage.” It also suggests the budget and reorganization executive order initiatives will drive future agency workforce cuts.

  • Bob Tobias: Impact of potential budget cuts on civilian agencies

    President Donald Trump recently proposed a 2018 budget that could reduce funding for most civilian agencies. Bob Tobias, American University professor in the Key Executive Management Program, joined Eric White on Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss how the agencies can still carry out their missions.

  • More budget activity likely for contractors in fourth quarter of fiscal year

    Final quarter of fiscal 2017 is less than 100 days away and Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partner, said contractors need to start thinking about budget and planning now

  • How DoD can make the most of proposed $52B budget boost

    DoD’s $52 billion budget boost is not carte blanche; it’s going to have to prove that it’s spending that money wisely, not frittering it away on superficialities.