Art Stein

  • How happy is your wallet?

    You may know by now that President Obama signed a new law that puts more restrictions on credit card companies. It’s designed to eliminate sudden increases in interest rates and late fees, but how will…

  • Keep steaming towards retirement

    Jobless claims took an unexpected dip last week. But economists expect short life for that news from the Labor Department. The stock market still hasn’t recovered from last year’s crash. But Certified Financial Planner Art…

  • When to consider moving your TSP funds around

    Sheltering your retirement funds in place may not be a good option, depending on how close you are to needing the money.

  • Short time deadline looms for federal Long Term Care

    How to hedge your bets when it comes to changing insurance coverage.

  • Minimizing LTC Premiums, Maybe…

    Long term care insurance premiums are going up 5 to 25 percent next year, but there may be, just may be, a way you can minimize the impact of the new premiums. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reports.

  • How to weather the financial storms

    The markets closed slightly down on Thursday, but if you keep an eye on how they behave, you know the long-term picture is more important than daily fluctuations. So what can you do to weather…

  • Your Turn preview: LTC insurance update

    On tomorrow’s Your Turn with Mike Causey, Certified Financial Planner Art Stein drops by to talk all about why Long Term Care insurance is necessary — and gives us an update on some recent changes.…

  • Spring brings good things to your TSP

    Better weather and an earlier Easter enticed Americans to shell out for spring clothes in March, the fourth straight month of gains for retail sales. Certified Financial Planner, Art Stein, looks at other signs of a spring recovery.

  • TSP Snapshot: April up, clouds over I fund

    With the steadily, but slowly rising American economy, and economic storm clouds over Europe, how did the Thrift Savings Plan fare in April? Federal News Radio’s Max Cacas has the latest edition of our monthly feature, ”TSP Snapshot”.

  • TSP Snapshot: August’s slump, and “a punch in the head”

    Okay, so August wasn’t the best month for the Thrift Savings Plan. But is that any reason to panic? No, says guest analyst Arthur Stein, who joins us for our look back at the TSP for last month. But he says instead of panic, do some thoughtful reflection on where your money is going in the TSP, and whether it’s a good idea to perhaps switch into a new TSP investment tool which is expected to be available to feds next year – the Roth TSP.