Ben Cardin

  • The Politics of Newspapers

    It seems more and more newspapers are closing shop each day. Just recently, the Washington Post cut 100 positions and several major papers have filed for bankruptcy. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) is proposing legislation that…

  • Time is Running Out for FEHBP Dependents

    Do you have a dependent child in his or her mid-20s? If so, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says things are not looking good to extend coverage this year to those who hit their 26th birthday.

  • Metro safety issues spur reform calls

    June 22, 2009. It’s a date forever linked with the worst tragedy in Metro’s history. Nine people died when two Metro trains collided. Dozens were hurt, and yet others walked away. Sen. Ben Cardin joins us to talk about a congressional move to bolster the system on Congressional Spotlight.

  • State hopes technology will better secure passport process

    GAO found significant success in obtaining passports using fraudulent documents in the second investigation in two years. While State is implementing facial recognition technology to close the existing gaps, lawmakers are introducing new legislation to give the agency more security capabilities.

  • Defense considers fewer sole-source contracts

    Pentagon blocks 400 million dollar missile defense contract, Fighters rattle Seattle after Obama airspace issue

  • Army asked to find the depth of danger at Detrick

    U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin sent a letter to the Department of Defense Monday asking the agency to look into contamination at Fort Detrick and devise a plan by Dec. 1 to remedy the situation.

  • CR could provide some BRAC traffic relief

    The six-month continuing resolution Congress passed earlier this month was mostly about cuts, but it also included several hundred million dollars in new spending pushed through by the Maryland and Virginia congressional delegations. That money will pay to help solve some of the huge traffic problems this year’s military personnel moves are expected to create around the DC area.

  • On the show today – April 20

    On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.

  • Private-sector mentality to blame in GSA scandal, senator says

    Fingers are pointing in many directions in the wake of the scandal at the General Services Administration. Lawmakers on both the sides of the aisle have expressed outrage at the “culture of waste,” but opinions on who’s to blame for that culture are as divided as ever along party lines. Two congressmen told In Depth host Francis Rose about their very different ideas.

  • New legislation seeks to prevent hazing in military

    Congressmen introduce the Harry Lew Military Hazing Accountability and Prevention Act of 2012, a bill aimed at preventing hazing in the military services.