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  • Wired For War

    Increasingly, the U.S. military is using unmanned aerial vehicles to wage war, sometimes those UAVs are flown by people based as far away from the front lines as, say, Nevada. How does that technology change…

  • Study finds pockets of recovery

    What if the government were to pick up and move out of DC? Alan Berube is with Brookings, and his group is out with its “Metro Monitor” report looking at economic recovery in some of…

  • Stimulus at Six Months: a look at the numbers

    Federal agencies have pushed out just a fraction of the money afforded to them in the 6-month old stimulus package. But what does this mean in terms of results? The Brookings Institution is looking for…

  • Federal CIO Vivek Kundra pushing agencies harder toward the cloud

    The move to the cloud in the Federal government is happening, but not as fast as Kundra would like.

  • Fresh voices weigh in on Pentagon acquisition, logistics

    Current military personnel doubling as think tank thinkers, academics share results of their research.

  • Cloud computing still a challenge for some agencies

    Cloud computing services over the Internet have the potential to spur a significant increase in government efficiency and decrease technology costs, as well as to create incentives and online platforms for innovation. But at what cost? Details from Darrell West, Vice President and Director of Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution.

  • Analyst: Don’t drag out ‘don’t ask’ changes

    In reflecting on lessons learned, what was perhaps the most striking observation was the commonality of the responses from our allies, who came from varied nationalities, ranks, specialties, and experiences, says Peter Singer with Brookings.

  • OMB’s Orszag touts administration’s gains

    Now set to conclude his tenure as director of the Office of Management and Budget this Friday, Peter Orszag appraised his 18 months in the job. He points to a number of ways in which he and the administration tried to change the way the government works.

  • Orszag exit speech touts Administration achievements

    Outgoing OMB Director lists accomplishments of administration in speech at his former home, the Brookings Institution.

  • West: No reason to fear move to cloud computing

    Cloud computing is going to save agencies lots of money, Brookings scholar says, and there’s no reason to wait.