• Don’t Worry, Be Happy

    After a few brutal weeks of economic news we should all welcome a time out. Even though this is a holiday for most federal workers, there are three good news items in the works. Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s column and send it on to a friend.

  • Best COLA Since 1982 On The Way

    Federal and military retirees will get a 5.8 percent cost of living adjustment in January. That’s solid and its the biggest COLA since 1982, but some people say the cost of the increase could be a political problem down the line.

  • Cashing In On The COLA

    By now many people have figured out that the January cost of living adjustment for retirees will be bigger than the pay raise for working feds and some want to cash in on it. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, for most of you, that ship has sailed.

  • Lame Duck Congress Checklist

    Your 2009 federal pay raise, and the retiree COLA are safe and sound. But what about all those other pro-fed benefits Congress has been working on? The answer, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, is that they haven’t been working very hard.

  • What’s in YOUR Paycheck?

    A lot of changes happen with every new year – and some feds can look forward to an increase in their pay. Others are getting more bang for their buck when it comes to cost…

  • Rumors on Steroids

    Have you heard about the federal pay freeze, about a cushy postal service buyout offer or that retirees may have to take a cut? Those are some of the false rumors making the rounds. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey gives his take about rumors-on-steriods.

  • Pay Raise Horse Beats COLA Mule

    If you’re betting on who gets the most this coming January, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says to put your money on the pay raise horse, not the cost of living mule.

  • When Zero is Better Than Minus

    Despite a small but steady increase in prices from January though April of this year, retired feds, military retirees and people who get Social Security benefits are still on track to get a zero cost…

  • No COLA for federal retirees?

    Each year, federal retirees get a cost-of-living adjustment. But in 2010 – they might get nothing at all. We find out more from Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey who explains how Deflation could…

  • Bonosaro: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must

    Senior Executive Association President Carol Bonosaro discusses how she and others plan to attract new blood to the Senior Executive Service, starting with some provisions in the recently-signed Defense Authorization bill.