• The 53% Minority

    And the Sad State of Women Owned Businesses

  • Commentary: FMA says hiring reforms must come first

    Patricia Niehaus, National President of the Federal Managers Association, explains why the government must concentrate on the impact of the employee, rather than tenure and classification.

  • Tax cut renewal tests Obama, Democratic majority

    President Obama returned from a rough trade trip overseas to the hollers and hoots of Republicans who clobbered Mr. Obama’s party in the Nov. 2 election.

  • Practical answers lacking on debt, war issues

    Commentator Barlow Herget says America needs to stop messing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and focus on job creation at home.

  • Cyber workers control their future as skillsets converge

    As business practices, information technology and cybersecurity threats become more industry-agnostic, competition across and between industries for cybersecurity professionals will remain fierce, says Earl Crane, former member of the White House National Security Staff. Though professionals will be in short supply for years to come, increased mobility among industries and government will bring a leveling of common cybersecurity skills across the profession.

  • In wake of LAX shooting, real talk needed about TSA

    The Nov. 1 shooting at Los Angeles International Airport sheds light on the public’s negative perception of transportation security officers. Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal says its time to reevaluate how those federal employees are treated.

  • Should we replace the General Schedule?

    The General Schedule worked well when half of Federal employees were GS-5 and below and most of the rest of the workforce was spread out over the remaining grades. Today, 7.4 percent of the Federal workforce is GS-5 and below.

  • Supporting STEM leaders: 5 things we need to do

    The STEM leader profile clearly shows the STEM leader is unlikely to be effectively served by traditional leader development programs.

  • PortfolioStat is a meaningful start toward improving federal IT

    PortfolioStat is widely deployed across federal agencies and thus well worth exploring how we may be able to maximize the benefits derived from it.

  • Behind the lies, damned lies and headlines about feds

    Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security, says you shouldn’t believe everything you read — especially when it comes to federal employees.