continuing resolution

  • What’s the Holdup?

    The Senate has postponed voting on a $410-billion dollar omnibus spending plan to keep most federal agencies running thru the end of this fiscal year. Up to now, programs have been getting money at 2008…

  • Shutdown Aversion: Version 2

    Second CR expected to keep government open through March 11

  • New Strings Attached

    Congress has passed the $410-billion dollar omnibus spending bill, and just in the nick of time, too! The continuing resolution that was funding government expires today. Joining us to analyze the package is Congressional Quarterly…

  • How to work under a CR

    How much can you spend on new projects next year? How can you function until then? We get dos and don’ts from John Palguta with the Partnership for Public Service

  • Continuing resolution continues on the Hill

    The Senate is moving ahead with a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown at week’s end. The continuing resolution easily cleared its first hurdle by an 83 to 15 vote Tuesday. The Hill’s Vicki Needham tells us what has to happen before tomorrow at midnight.

  • Obama signs continuing resolution

    President Obama has signed into law, H.R. 3081, which will keep the government operating through December 3, 2010.

  • Will the continuing resolution continue?

    Last week, Congress skipped town to head home and hit the campaign trail. It seems they left a bit of unfinished business. We talk with Jim Horney with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about funding YOUR agency.

  • Financial management systems in need of upgrade

    Bob Tobias, director of public sector executive education at American University, argues for the upgrade and investment in the federal government’s financial management systems and points out the reasons those changes aren’t happening.

  • Hopes for an omnibus dim after elections

    Democratic insiders question if anything more than a stopgap spending measure and temporary extension of Bush-era tax cuts can pass. The Hill’s Molly Hooper brings us the latest.

  • Budget battle: Omnibus or another CR?

    Congress has one week left before the Lame Duck session is set to end. Molly Hooper, a congressional reporter with The Hill brings us the latest.