• Postal employees’ pay raise in the works as union contact nears final approval

    While the ink on the deal hasn’t dried yet, more than 200,000 postal employees could see a series of pay raises down the road, now that one of the major postal unions has reached a provisional labor agreement with the U.S. Postal Service.

  • OPM preparing for security clearance process changes ahead of results of 90-day review

    The Office of Personnel Management issued a solicitation for a workforce analysis of Federal Investigative Services and those offices that support it.

  • Education essential to procurement reform

    Capability just as important as capacity

  • State & Local As A Transparent Model

    President Barack Obama has signed off on a measure to change the way the federal government awards work to private contractors. This is going to change how companies do business with government. Rick Grimm, Chief…

  • No clear path to procurement reform

    Without proper guidance, reform could go either way.

  • Protecting Federal Whistleblowers

    There’s a new push to improve protections for federal workers who speak out on issues of waste, fraud and abuse in their agencies. Earlier today, a whistleblower advocacy group began a week of lobbying on…

  • Other Contracting Changes

    The Defense Department is considering changes to the workers compensation guidelines that cover defense contractors. Alan Chvotkin, Senior Vice President of the Professional Services Council, joins us to explain what Defense Base Act Insurance (doc)…

  • PSC: Open dialogue needed for contracting reform

    Stan Soloway, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, tells FederalNewsRadio that he likes the ideas laid out in the presidential memo, but took issue with some statements made by President Obama when announcing the initiative.

  • Contractors on Contracting Changes

    The Obama administration yesterday issued a new executive order aimed at reducing government waste, fraud and abuse. Yesterday, we spoke to Allan Burman, the former administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. But what…

  • The Marine One Breach

    We’re learning more about how sensitive diagrams of Marine One got into the hands of a computer user in Iran. CNN Washington Correspondent Brian Todd tells us that the defense subcontractor actually took the information…

  • IT Funding

    There’s a lot in the 2010 federal budget, including money for various IT projects. Deniece Peterson is a Principal Analyst at INPUT, and she tells us more about what money is going where.

  • On Convicts, Con Artists, and Contracts

    Defrauding the federal government is not enough to stop the award of future contracts.

  • Criminal Contracting

    How do convicts get federal contracts? That’s what the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee wanted to find out yesterday. Chairman Edolphus Towns of New York tells us about what they learned and how they…

  • Helping to Advance DISA’s IPv6 Mission

    A Virginia-based IT company has helped the Defense Information Systems Agency advance its goal for core network services. Command Information provided strategic planning and analysis for Ipv6 at DISA. Jeremy Duncan, Command Information’s Director of…

  • Obama pledges to cut deficit in half

    President Barack Obama has vowed to cut the country’s budget deficit in half by the end of his first term. Obama laid out the guiding principle of his budget policy at a White House conference.