Ed Hammersla

  • Incompatible Security Domains

    Transferring information between two or more incompatible security domains…that’s the textbook definition of Cross Domain Solutions. We want to find out how it works and what’s the benefit and risks to using it. Here to…

  • Risks in increased information sharing

    Something your agency is doing to become more efficient could actually be hurting it. Ed Hammersla is chief operating officer of Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions.

  • Insider threat programs must find the right ‘trust but verify’ balance

    NSA, State and nearly every other agency are developing “fixes” to protect unauthorized employees from taking data. Experts say employees need to understand why the rules are in place and how they benefit both the organization and worker. OMB says one way to improve the situation is by reducing the number of federal employees with security clearances-an initiative that already is underway.

  • Effective containment: The many faces of insider threats

    Ed Hammersla, president, Forcepoint Federal LLC, makes the case for agencies to have a different mindset when it comes protecting data and networks from insiders.