fiscal 2017 budget

  • House chair pushing comprehensive budget reform for 2017

    Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, said he’s working on reforms to the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. The goal is to draft legislation by 2017, which he hopes a new president would sign into law.

  • 3 ways the GOP budget could change your pay and benefits

    Three proposals hiding in the fiscal 2017 budget plan House Republicans submitted last week could potentially impact federal employees’ pay and retirement benefits in the future.

  • There’s a 2017 budget amendment too. It calls for $18 billion in cuts to civilian agencies

    The White House is also requesting a $3 billion boost to the Homeland Security Department, along with an additional $30 billion in defense and Overseas Contingency Operations funding for fiscal 2017. Civilian agencies would shoulder $18 billion in spending cuts. The additional funding for DHS would help the department prepare and enact the President’s executive orders on border security and immigration.

  • With White House 2017 budget amendment, time is on civilian agencies’ side

    The process might not be pretty, but budget experts predict civilian agencies won’t face $18 billion in spending cuts during the last five months of fiscal 2017. The President submitted a budget amendment for 2017 last week, which proposed major boosts to defense and homeland security spending and civilian agency offsets.

  • White House details how it wants civilian agencies to cut $18B in FY2017

    According to budget documents that Federal News Radio obtained, the Food and Drug Administration would see $40 million in cuts to employee salaries and administrative expenses during the last five months of fiscal 2017. The Homeland Security Department would lose $41 million for the Financial Systems Modernization program, a shared services effort affiliated with the Interior Department’s Interior Business Center.

  • Your pay and benefits during a government shutdown, explained

    The White House says it won’t happen, but the Office of Management and Budget is asking that agencies prepare to prepare for a government shutdown. Here are four things to remember about your pay, benefits, work status and others if Congress can’t agree on a plan to keep the government running past Friday.

  • Most civilian agencies saved from deep spending cuts in FY17 budget bill

    The spending package gives the Homeland Security Department about $1.5 billion for border security activities for the remaining five months of the fiscal year. For civilian agencies, here are six other areas to take note of in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017.