• Fighting fraud before it happens

    By Jane Norris FederalNewsRadio With $787 billion stimulus dollars are flowing out from the Government to stimulate the economy the Obama administration is aware that fraud and abuse can happen with that amount of cash…

  • AGA holds conference how to lower the risks of wrongdoing

    Keeping fraud out of your organization isn’t easy, but two days from now you’re going to get some help. The Association of Government Accountants launches its Internal Control and Fraud Conference. You’ll find some heavy-hitters…

  • CMS proposes new rules to combat fraud

    Some say they’re just nibbling around the edges. But, CMS is putting some proposed new rules out there to combat fraud and abuse in Medicaid and Medicare. WFED’s Scott Carr explains.

  • HHS, Justice turning up heat on fraudsters

    New rule published today details how the government will go from chasing criminals to using data and other tools to stop them as Medicare and Medicaid fraud is happening. The agencies report returning $4 billion back to the government in 2010, a 50 percent increase compared to 2009.

  • DoD contractor lied about products’ country of origin

    A defense contractor is admitting that it lied about replacement parts sold to the military.

  • Lawmakers: CMS should rely on states to fight fraud

    States need to help CMS fight fraudulent claims, says Sen. Claire McCaskill.

  • FEMA’s attempts to recoup improper payments set off new problems

    FEMA has recovered just $3 million of $643 million in potentially improper disaster relief aid since Hurricane Katrina. But its attempts to recoup the money are setting off one senator and threatening to erupt into a public relations snafu.

  • House bill targets fraud and abuse in Medicare

    Reps. John Carney (D-Del.) and Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) introduced a bill today that aims to fight waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid payments.

  • 2 contractors sentenced for defrauding DoD

    A federal court has sentenced two South Florida aircraft-parts brokers for defrauding the military.

  • Senators probe GSA financial controls after conference scandal

    The leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee gave the acting GSA administrator 21 days to answer 41 multi-part questions about the agency’s efforts to prevent waste, fraud and abuse following the now infamous Western Regions Conference. Senators also recommended the agency review all other recent GSA conferences for possible problems.