Freedom of Information Act

  • Cloud gives agencies a leg up in FOIA deluge

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency each put their respective Freedom of Information Act systems in a private-sector cloud. HUD said it’s saving as much as 25 percent a year as compared to its in-house system. OCC said it’s answering requests more quickly and effectively.

  • Obama administration looks to standardize agencies’ FOIA regulations

    Amid a Congressional push to add new teeth to the 1966 Freedom of Information Act, federal officials insist they are taking steps on their own to make sure agencies release information to the public. Among the efforts is a move to standardize agency rules around FOIA and create a single Web portal for FOIA requests.

  • Dan Metcalfe, adjunct professor of law at American University

    Why can’t the government do a better job at Freedom of Information Act requests?

  • Perry Pederson, Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Langner Group

    The Homeland Security Department tries to do the right thing when it gives reporters information through the Freedom of Information Act. But DHS made a huge mistake and wound up releasing dangerous information about the nation’s critical infrastrucure. Perry Pederson is co-founder and managing principal of the Langner Group, and former Director of the Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) at the Department of Homeland Security. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained what might happen now that the public knows about Operation Aurora.

  • Senate bill aims to strengthen Freedom of Information Act

    A Senate committee has approved legislation to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Justice OIP launches new pilot program for FOIA requests

    The Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy is spearheading a proactive disclosure effort to measure the cost and effectiveness of making information from Freedom of Information Act requests available as soon as possible.

  • Congress nearing agreement on FOIA reform

    Alex Howard of the Sunlight Foundation discusses the legislation now being negotiated to codify new reforms to the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Top FOIA official: Give agencies a hand in ‘massive search’ for documents

    One of government’s leading officials on the Freedom of Information Act says agencies need more open channels of communication with members of public seeking government records.

  • FOIA update heads to President’s desk for signature

    Congress passed a bill updating the Freedom of Information Act process, placing the burden on the agency to justify why it has to withhold information rather than asking the requester to justify its release

  • DoJ prompts agencies to get the ball rolling on new FOIA law

    New guidance from the Justice Department suggests agencies should begin updating their standard Freedom of Information Act response letters and notices to comply with the new FOIA Improvement Act. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law last month to mark FOIA’s 50th anniversary.