Green buildings

  • Coast Guard Yard green and shimmering

    Methane from a landfill may save the Coast Guard $2 million in energy costs per year. The renewable energy center at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore has been operating since April. Cmdr. John Slaughter…

  • Tips to make your agency more green

    Federal News Radio has compiled a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to making your agency or company more green.

  • GSA, Energy going alternative to run its buildings

    DoE wants to make all of its roofs white or light color to help reduce the amount of heat buildings absorb. GSA is testing solar panels, geo-thermal and solar chimneys in different buildings around the country. The goal is to help reduce the government’s $25 billion annual energy bill.

  • As a federal pioneer of LEED, NOAA grasps savings

    From the soon-to-be renovated headquarters of the General Services Administration, to the green roof of the main New York City Post Office, the federal government is making energy-efficient-and-sustainable buildings a top priority. But a little over three years ago, one federal building in the D.C. area led the way in the design and construction of a new generation of green buildings.

  • 5 Quick fixes for a drab office from GSA

    The GSA’s pilot program to update government offices is making them more productive, healthy and collaborative. Dianne Juba, interior design program director at GSA, talks about how they’re doing it for cheap.

  • Mobile workforce changing look of federal workspace

    The General Services Administration is turning its own headquarters into a ”living laboratory” by putting three employees into the space of one. GSA’s Cathy Kronopolus says changing demand is being made possible by change management.

  • Blue skies for green federal buildings

    A new NASA facility in California is designed with the latest Space Age technology and can produce more energy than it uses. Who, and what, is next? We ask the Green Building Council’s Jeremy Cohen.

  • Smart design can make federal offices more productive places to work

    Even stodgy old federal buildings can benefit from the smart design the latest technological advances offer today’s building designers.