Holman Rule

  • Blast from the past: House reinstates rule targeting agency spending, employee salaries

    The House of Representatives voted Tuesday on its rules package for the 115th Congress, which reinstates a little-known provision from previous congressional sessions. The “Holman Rule” lets lawmakers offer amendments to appropriations packages on the House floor, which could cut an agency’s spending, the number of its employees or a person’s salary.

  • Bring back flogging

    If Congress reinstates the Holman rule, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know what’s next: dunking stools along the Potomac?

  • Senators pledge support on ‘5 fights for feds’

    Fifteen senators signed a resolution this week, expressing their support of the federal workforce and pledging their opposition to recent actions from Congress and the White House.

  • Republicans use Holman Rule to propose 89 personnel cuts at CBO

    Three Republican lawmakers introduced an amendment to a “minibus” of four appropriations bills that would eliminate the Budget Analysis Division of the Congressional Budget Office, and therefore the positions and salaries of 89 employees at CBO. It’s the first time members of Congress have used the Holman Rule since the House reinstated it back in January.

  • Wanna be president? Stop beating up bureaucrats

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, could politicians out to gut the federal retirement program be damaging their hopes of higher office?