House Homeland Security Committee

  • Homeland Security Committee

    The House Homeland Security Committee is one of more than 80 House and Senate organizations that oversee some part of the Homeland Security Department. Committee members–both Democrat and Republican–know that needs to change. Congressman Bennie…

  • House Homeland Security Committee

    Republicans on the the House Homeland Security Committee are concerned over the removal of several specific areas from the committee’s oversight plan. The Democrats detailed some of their agenda Wednesday during a business meeting. Several…

  • DHS considering giving TSA employees union rights

    Review part of Napolitano’s priorities for department

  • TSA debating next steps with Registered Traveler program

    Lawmakers question TSA, NPPD on 2010 budget proposals. Rep. Jackson-Lee says NPPD may need to be reorganized.

  • DHS Bottoms Up Review stymies lawmakers

    With a headcount of contractors who work for one of the largest federal agencies in hand yesterday, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (ID-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, began a review of the DHS fiscal year 2011 proposed budget.

  • Support snowballs early for Senate cyber bill

    A cybersecurity bill authored by three prominent Senators not only has the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – it’s also picked up support from several influential members of the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the House Homeland Security Committee finds more questions than answers as it tries to understand the scope of the challenge of protecting America’s cyber infrastructure.

  • Critical tests to decide future of DHS’s virtual fence

    CBP to implement and evaluate technologies at two sites in Arizona this year to see how well SBINet works and whether to continue deploying the technology. These tests are part of Secretary Napolitano’s assessment of SBINet’s value. Lawmakers remain pessimistic that the program can get back on track.

  • DHS IG: US-CERT lacks leadership, which hurts cybersecurity

    From “Support snowballs early for Senate cyber bill” by Max Cacas on “The House Homeland Security panel received the report of Richard Skinner, the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, on continuing…

  • King would increase DHS oversight if named chairman

    In the next few weeks, House Republicans will select new committee chairmen, and Congressman Peter King is the presumptive chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. He wants to take the panel back to its original purpose of overseeing the Department of Homeland Security and the war on terrorism.

  • DHS readies new tools to combat cyber attacks

    Secretary Janet Napolitano said the Einstein 3 software will be deployed across the government to detect and disrupt malicious cyber activity. Cybersecurity among the hot topics Napolitano highlighted during her State of Homeland Security address.