• NASA shows the way with e-mail consolidation

    The space agency’s experience in reducing the number of its e-mail systems could serve as a model for others who are going down a similar path. NASA’s benefits include cost savings, better cybersecurity and scalability to deal with the expanding need for mobile access.

  • Cureton settles in as NASA CIO

    NASA CIO Linda Cureton may have come from inside NASA, but she tells Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller she’s still learning a lot. September 23, 2010

  • NASA awards SAIC first contract under I3P

    This is the first of several component contracts awarded under the I3P Program. NASA will use the contracts to procure services that provide agency-wide management, integration, and delivery of IT infrastructure services.

  • NASA picks SAIC for second I3P award

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor Federal News Radio SAIC won its second contract under NASA’s multi-billion dollar Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P). The space agency announced today that it awarded SAIC a contract to…

  • NASA Glenn restructures IT delivery to focus on mission needs

    Randy Humphries, NASA Glenn Research Center’s chief information officer, uses his background in project management to improve how technology is delivered to mission areas.

  • NASA’s Johnson Space Center takes customer-first approach to IT

    Annette Moore, the chief information officer at the Johnson Space Center, said she’s reshaping her office to be more flexible and agile in meeting the IT needs of the mission areas. February 20, 2014