Industry Chatter

  • Bill Welch: Clearing up SDVOSB set-aside requirements

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has specific set-aside requirements for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. The requirements, though, may not always be clear even to contracting officers at the agency. Bill Welch, partner at McMahon, Welch and Learned, discussed one case as part of Industry Chatter on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Ross Wilkers: Government contracting off to rocky start in new fiscal year

    The government contracting industry is starting off the new fiscal year a little less healthy than a month ago. The same problems that are hitting stock prices of companies in broader indexes are affecting the government contracting space. And then there’s the uncertainty around the shutdown on top of it all. Ross Wilkers is newsroom editor at Executive Mosaic, publishers of the GovCon Index. He discussed the impact of all this uncertainty as part of Industry Chatter on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Marci Love Thomas: Late is late when it comes to reverse auctions.

    The end of the fiscal year means companies will try some things they don’t normally try to book some business before Sept. 30. Bidding in a reverse auction is one possibility to do that. Marci Love Thomas, senior counsel for the Government Contracts Practice at the General Counsel law firm joined In Depth with Francis Rose for Industry Chatter. She said some companies learned the hard way the rules are the rules and late is late when it comes to reverse auctions.

  • Dave Wennergren: OMB cyber acquisition guidance, too little, too late

    The Office of Management and Budget released guidance on cyber acquisition. But a close look from the Professional Services Council yielded the judgment that it’s too little, too late and too flexible. Dave Wennergren, senior vice president of technology for the Professional Services Council, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the council’s assessment of the guidance.

  • Nicole Mitchell: Get the low-down on self-insurance

    Pressure to save money and make your bid lower than the next company’s is pushing more vendors to consider self-insurance. Industry Chatter guest Nicole Mitchell is a certified public accountant and a partner in Aronson’s Government Contract Services Group. She and her colleague La Tasha Patel wrote about what you need to know about self-insurance.

  • Ross Wilkers: Contractors endure Wall Street-inspired heartburn

    Investors in the biggest companies that serve the federal government aren’t exempt from the ups and downs of the stock market that have been playing out for the last several weeks. Ross Wilkers is newsroom editor at Executive Mosaic, which tracks the GovCon Index. He told Francis Rose on Industry Chatter the wild ride on Wall Street in August made for some heartburn for investors in government contracting companies too.

  • Lexy Kessler, government contracting practice partner, Aronson

    Government spends 22 percent more on local contractors in the past two years even through a tough budget climate and sequestration. Lexy Kessler is partner in charge of the government contracting practice at Aronson. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose there’s still room for contractors to grow if they advantage of the right opportunities.

  • Alex Rossino, Federal Industry Analysis Team, Deltek

    The Senate is on its third week of debate on the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. Vendors will be happy about a provision that reauthorizes DoD’s Rapid Innovation Program or Defense Innovation Initiative. Alex Rossino is a principal research analyst for Deltek’s federal industry analysis team. He’s looking at the NDAA and tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the research and development opportunities that look promising in fiscal 2016.

  • Maj. Gen. Steve Smith, Former U.S. Army, Pat Park, Metalogix

    Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning personify the concept of the insider threat. Defending against that threat is now one of the highest priorities for the military and intelligence communities. Retired Army Maj. Gen. Steven Smith is former chief information security officer for the Army. He’s now Security Technology Adviser to Metalogix. Pat Park is vice president for public sector at Metalogix. On In Depth with Francis Rose, they explained how agencies can tackle the different types of insider threats.

  • Bob Stevens, Vice President, Lookout Mobile Security

    The number one destination for data stolen off wireless networks isn’t China or Russia. It’s actually the United States, according to research from Lookout Mobile Security. But they say that makes sense because of how mobile threats travel across a network. Bob Stevens is a vice president of Lookout Mobile Security and leader of their federal division. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he detailed the latest mobile security trends that can keep your agency ahead of the curve.

  • Melissa Adamson, Agilex, and David Yang, ICF International

    Mobile technology will be at the forefront of a newly announced IT overhaul at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF says a move to new platforms like tablet computers will help the agency meet its cybersecurity goals. Melissa Adamson is vice president for advanced technologies at Agilex, and David Yang is vice president of ICF International. They’re also industry co-chairs of the ACT-IAC Advanced Mobility Working Group. On In Depth with Francis Rose, they talked about the state of mobile in government.

  • Michael Brown, Vice President of Security Product Management, BlackBerry

    The Defense Department is upgrading its military networks to increase its access to different types mobile technology. But many secruity experts say the gold standard for smartphones is still the Blackberry. Michael Brown is vice president of security product management and research for BlackBerry. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained the importance of mobile security for federal agencies.

  • Raj Sharma, CEO, Censeo Consulting

    Nov. 15 is the deadline for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to patch up the cybersecurity holes in the website. The Government Accountability Office offered 22 technical recommendations to the agency last week. Those problems appear just as the website nears its first birthday. Raj Sharma is co-founder and CEO of the Censeo Consulting Group. On the In Depth with Francis Rose Industry Chatter segment, he shared some ways to predict, and fix, longstanding problems with large federal IT projects like

  • Industry Chatter: Christian Heiter of Hitachi Data Systems Federal

    Big data programs are helping the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services protect hundreds of millions of dollars from fraud, according to the White House. The Obama Administration says it’s trying to introduce more big data programs to help other agencies save money, but privacy concerns and other roadblocks might slow progress down. Christian Heiter, chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems Federal, was Francis Rose’s guest on Industry Chatter. He talked about how big data initiatives will help agencies save money and the challenges agencies may have implementing them.

  • Kymm McCabe, President and CEO, ASI Government

    Acquisition reforms are under way at agencies across government. But those efforts may be a waste of time unless stakeholders