Internet of Things

  • The ‘Internet of Things’…what’s in it for feds?

    Tiffany Sargent, Internet of Things solutions and systems architect at Intel Corporation, joins this week’s Women of Washington radio show.

  • Dave McClure, Chief Strategist, Veris Group

    Four new pieces of cybersecurity legislation give federal IT leaders some new tools to deal with network and information security. But that law may be responding to threats — or problems — that are being overcome by events. Responding to the security and privacy challenges of the Internet of Things may require a new level of thinking and legislation. Dave McClure is chief strategist of the Veris Group, and former Associate Administrator of the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the General Services Administration. In his Top 3 for 2015 and on In Depth with Francis Rose, he says the coming year will be the breakout for the Internet of Things.

  • Federal CTO Smith wants tech experts who speak the language

    Megan Smith, the federal chief technology officer says agencies need employees with a high technical quotient to help build digital services. Four months into the job, Smith said digital services, policy and innovation, and STEM are her top priorities.

  • Chris Eng: Internet of Things raises new cyber concerns

    The Internet of Things has lots of promise. Program managers and researchers of all types can get a clearer view of what is going on in their world when they can process information from unlimited numbers of data gathering points. But the expansion of network traffic and data from the Internet of Things also carries serious new cybersecurity threats. Chris Eng is the vice president of research at Veracode. He’s studied the security implications, and joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to review them.

  • Science no longer fiction as innovation imprints on agencies, industry

    Contractors, government relationship feeling the impact of cutting-edge technology, resulting in potentially cheaper and more efficient manufacturing.

  • Paola Piscioneri: Internet of Things to alter how USPS does business

    The Internet of Things may change the way the Postal Service does business but not in the way it looks on the surface. The Internet of Things may take the Postal Service beyond technology like real-time package tracking. Paola Piscioneri, director of global and digital at the office of Inspector General at the U.S. Postal Service, tells In Depth with Francis Rose how the technology is already helping organizations like the postal service.

  • Taking the buzz out of the ‘Internet of Things’

    While industry is excited about the Internet of Things, agencies have shown they’ve been interconnecting systems and applications for years. But the Privacy Act is standing in the government’s way to go further, some say.

  • DoD needs to expand initiatives to harness Internet of things

    The Defense Department could be saving money and increasing efficiency with the Internet of Things, it just needs to broaden some of its ideas, states a new report.

  • Mike Hettinger: Five lessons about the Internet of things

    If the Internet of things is a technology megatrend, federal agencies should pay attention to it. So says the non-profit Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, or ATARC. It asked professors, contractors and federal IT managers about the Internet of things and boiled the answers down into five recommendations. Mike Hettinger of ATARC told Federal Drive with Tom Temin the group started out with a question.

  • Finally an answer emerges for why IPv6

    The FCC becomes the latest agency to fully move to the more secure protocol. NIST’s scorecard shows agency progress over the last decade.