IT Dashboard

  • IT dashboard pushes CIOs back to the front and center

    Transparency gives additional clout to make technology projects perform. Tool replaces OMB watch lists and makes information more interactive.

  • IT Dashboard

    A new tool from the Office of Management and Budget allows people to track federal IT investments using real-time information. The IT Dashboard lets people see whether specific IT projects are on schedule and provide…

  • VA to offer more public details on paused projects

    Agency CIO says he will add one-page summary for each of the temporarily stopped programs.

  • OMB sets Aug. 7 for governmentwide IT project analysis

    CIO Council to use dashboard to analyze macro trends of why agency technology programs are in trouble. Federal CIO Kundra calls for aggressive focus on project management.

  • White House pushing agencies toward better customer service

    New report from the Modernizing IT forum details the next steps OMB and agencies will take. The administration wants to focus on IT program management and customer service.

  • GAO: OMB’s IT dashboard used crusty data

    Some of the investments listed on the IT Dashboard are already hundreds of millions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. David Powner, Director of Information Technology Management Issues for GAO explains.

  • OMB begins pruning of financial systems

    VA, SBA, EPA and HUD are the first to go through the review process and see dramatic changes. OMB controller Werfel said the goal for each agency is to invest only in top priorities, saving $1 billion a year by eliminating or reducing the size of agency modernization projects.

  • EPA’s Jackson: IT Dashboard tip of the iceberg

    Environmental Protection Agency chief information officer Malcolm Jackson likes the transparency of the IT Dashboard. But Jackson says it only shows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health of EPA’s technology projects.

  • Agencies see IT Dashboard as starting point

    EPA CIO Jackson said he wants to dig deeper to improve programs and save money on technology systems. Others are using the data on the dashboard to have a common language across the department.

  • Justice becomes latest to end troubled IT project

    Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said Justice and Interior are the latest examples of agencies making hard decisions about underperforming IT projects. Justice canceled its litigation case management system after almost four years. Interior rescoped its Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System.