John Fitzpatrick

  • Declassification board ‘agitates’ for changes to document management

    The Public Interest Declassification Board submitted 14 recommendations to President Barack Obama at the end of November. The suggestions cover everything from moving out of the three-tiered classification system to a two-tiered process to strengthening the National Archives and Records Administration’s National Declassification Center to giving federal employees “safe harbor” protection if they adhere to a rigorous risk management process in how they perform their classification duties.

  • Insider threat programs must find the right ‘trust but verify’ balance

    NSA, State and nearly every other agency are developing “fixes” to protect unauthorized employees from taking data. Experts say employees need to understand why the rules are in place and how they benefit both the organization and worker. OMB says one way to improve the situation is by reducing the number of federal employees with security clearances-an initiative that already is underway.

  • Despite Obama directive, agencies maintain ad-hoc approach to unclassified information

    Congressional report points to misuse of TSA’s “sensitive security information” designation for unclassified agency data.

  • John Fitzpatrick, Director, Information Security Oversight Office, NARA

    Have you classified any documents lately? The Information Security Oversight Office at the National Archives and Records Administration just released its annual classification report to the President. It examines government agencies’ security classification activities, shares cost estimates for these activities and provides an update on the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) program. John Fitzpatrick is director of the Information Security Oversight Office at NARA. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with an update.