Johnny Isakson

  • Senators focus on FAA, not CTO at hearing

    Lawmakers push for faster and more inclusive implementation of new air traffic control system. CTO nominee Chopra faces little scrutiny from committee.

  • Congress to feds: Do union work on your own time

    Two Georgia lawmakers have both introduced bills that would bar federal employees from conducting union work while on the clock. OPM data shows official time has been on the rise since fiscal 2008.

  • Senate passes bill to avert VA budget shortfall

    The Senate passed a piece of legislation Wednesday that will help the Veterans Affairs Department avoid a budget shortfall that could impact the care some veterans receive.

  • Sen. Johnny Isakson: Making the case for more two-year federal budget deals

    An old idea got an accidental tryout when Congress and the White House agreed on a two-year federal budget deal. Members from both parties say they’d like to make that idea permanent. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) is the chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. He’s also a leading proponent of two-year budgeting. He joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more on the budget deal.

  • Biennial budget — old idea gains traction in Congress

    The two-year budget deal is inspiring some lawmakers to push for making a biennial budget cycle permanent, with one year focused on appropriations and the second on oversight.

  • Senators weigh credentials, priorities of VA watchdog nominee

    Michael Missal, the president’s nominee to lead the VA’s Office of Inspector General, appeared before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to answer questions on how he plans to hold accountable the struggling agency.

  • VA unveils new SES accountability options as Senate fast-tracks vets omnibus

    Accountability in the Senior Executive Service will be at the center of congressional discussions on a new omnibus legislative package for the Veterans Affairs Department. Senate VA Committee Chairman Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) said he wants the VA and the committee to finish its work on the legislation by April 1.

  • VA board of senior health execs would review disciplinary appeals

    Negotiations between the House and Senate VA committees over a new veterans omnibus have stalled, as the Veterans Affairs Department releases more details in its plan to change accountability procedures for its senior executives.

  • Administration should competitively hire next VA secretary, McDonald says

    With roughly nine months until Inauguration Day, VA leadership is trying to implement a major transformation to the way it delivers health care and interacts with veterans and its own employees. But the department needs a plan and a new governance structure in place to ensure that whatever progress is made now endures beyond Jan. 20, 2017.

  • Accountability and reform omnibus will create ‘new VA’

    The Veterans First Act is a bipartisan omnibus bill that addresses problems within the Veterans Affairs Department. Everything from accountability to whistleblower protections is included in the package, along with major changes to the health care program for veterans, educational benefits and help for survivors.