Keith Alexander

  • Cyber Coordinator Schmidt: US agencies are lagging in security

    Hackers exploit new Java zero-day bug, Cyberwar Nominee Sees Gaps in Law

  • DoD Cyber Command will take a defensive posture

    Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander tells lawmakers that the organization ”will not militarize cyberspace.” He also details how the Cyber Command will help DHS protect .gov and .com networks. Senate Armed Services Members say Alexander is well-qualified to lead the command.

  • Signs of cyberagreement appear between US and Russia

    NSA opens up to Maryland contractors, Cyber Command nominee says policies aren’t clear

  • Cyber Commander Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander moving closer to confirmation

    Nominee says a cyber war in and of itself would not exist, but more likely would be a part of a larger military campaign.

  • DoD fixing its patchwork quilt of cybersecurity

    New Cyber Command will better integrate existing and new computer network defense capabilities. DoD right now is spread too thin to protect its 15,000 networks and 7 million computing devices. The military too often is playing catch up to cyber attacks.

  • DoD has limited cyber situational awareness

    Gen. Keith Alexander calls for the Cyber Command to have real time understanding of what’s going on in their computer networks. He also calls for a common operational picture as a part of improving situational awareness. Alexander also says DoD is putting a lot of effort and focus on ensuring privacy and civil liberties laws and regulations are followed.

  • General Alexander, Raduege agree on cybersecurity rampup

    Two cyber leaders concur on importance of moving past forensics to risk mitigation.

  • DoD faces challenges in staffing cyber command

    The Defense Department’s cyber command will become fully operational on October 1. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller joined DorobekINSIDER with details about how General Alexander believes DoD can overcome the lack of qualified cyber employees.

  • Workforce is DoD’s biggest cyber challenge

    The Defense Department and its services plan to hire a total of 1,000 cyber professionals each year over the next three years, Gen. Keith Alexander tells a House committee. Alexander said getting the right people in place to move the DoD Cyber Command into an operational stage is among his highest priorities. DoD and the services must look at how best to retain these professionals once they work for the military.

  • White House reviewing possible changes to cyber laws

    Administration’s working group also is looking at policies and regulations that need to be updated. DoD calls on Congressional support when the White House submits its package of legislative changes. Meanwhile, DHS has released a draft of the National Cyber Incident Response Plan.