Lockheed Martin

  • Agencies grasp onto IT optimization

    Several contracts on way to help consolidate, standardize

  • Agencies grasp onto IT optimization

    Several contracts on way to help consolidate, standardize

  • Getting a tip on TIPSS-4

    Treasury is splitting TIPSS 4 into two separate solicitations.

  • The Cybersecurity Marketplace Continued

    Federal agencies are currently in transition mode as the Obama Administration settles in – and some new feds might be wondering about the challenges involved with cybersecurity. Yesterday, we tackled the topic with federal contractor…

  • Pentagon lets benefits contract with Lockeed Martin expire

    The Pentagon is not going to renew its contract with Lockheed Martin to process information for U.S. veterans. Bloomberg is reporting that the current contract will expire soon and the Pentagon will not excercise its…

  • SecDef Robert Gates at Lockheed Martin Factory

    Taking a look at the Joint Strike Fighter program was the reason Defense Secretary Robert Gates was in Texas yesterday, but the media asked him to comment on the report on Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal…

  • China Fighter Ahead of Schedule

    China is building an advanced combat jet that may rival within eight years Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-22 Raptor, the premier U.S. fighter, a U.S. intelligence official said. Reuters reports, the expected deployment is years ahead of what the Pentagon thought the date would be. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said last year it would be 2025 before China would have that capability –Now the the estimate is 2018. The F-22 blends speed, super-agility, stealth and sensor fusion into a single package

  • Who is spying on your cell phone?

    Lockheed Martin beefs up network security threats protection, Security glitch exposes WellPoint customer data

  • FBI shuts down Sentinel, again

    The FBI has again paused work on the deployment of a multi-million dollar case-management system called Sentinel. Washingtonian.com is reporting that the bureau has extended a partial stop-work order that was first issued in March.

  • How WikiLeaks scandal affects information sharing at DoD

    In our DoD Report, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says information sharing at DoD is too important to set aside even in the wake of the WikiLeaks scandal. We also take a look at the profits of various defense contractors.