Marcel Lettre

  • Feds fast-tracking new system for keeping tabs on cleared personnel

    In Part 4 of the special report, Questioning Clearances, Federal News Radio examines the government’s plan to use new technology to keep better tabs on cleared personnel on a near, real-time basis. But some experts wonder whether such a plan could be implemented successfully in the swift timelines sought by the government.

  • Sen. McCain breaks DoD nominee boycott

    The Senate Armed Services Committee is holding hearings on less prominent Defense officials after a long stalemate over a congressional rule change.

  • OPM, OMB to stand up new agency, director to own security clearance process

    The National Background Investigations Bureau will have its own director, who will report to the Office of Personnel Management. The administration says it doesn’t have a specific timeline for implementing the new security clearance program or standing up the new agency, but changes will come in incremental stages.

  • McCain says he’ll block any plan to divorce NSA from U.S. Cyber Command

    The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said Tuesday that he would block any effort by the Obama Administration to bifurcate the leadership of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command, saying the move would be premature and lacked any input from Congress.