Market Chat

  • Episode 1: Insider Tips For Marketing to Senior Government Executives

    Do you ever wonder how your marketing efforts are connecting with your government customers? Hear from 5 former federal senior IT and acquisition executives what marketing tactics work and don’t work only on “Market Chat” – a new program brought to you by Government Marketing University “Market Chat’ brings clarity to the clutter in government marketing.

  • Episode 2: Tips From The Pros For Strengthening Your Government Marketing

    Four leading government marketing pros offer tips and insights on how to strengthen your government marketing efforts. Topics include events, budgets, brand vs. lead gen, GAIN 2016, mentoring, and more.

  • Episode 3: Communication and Collaboration Insight from Federal Senior Procurement Officers

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear how federal acquisition officials are trying to improve their engagements and relationships with the vendor community as well as how marketing figures into the federal procurement process. Our guests will be three senior-level procurement executives who oversee large federal procurement programs.

  • Episode 4: Best practices for promoting a more robust dialogue with public affairs officers

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear from three federal public affairs officers and one general counsel’s office representative on how they decide requests they receive from government marketers for official statements, testimonials, government speakers, case studies, use of agency logos, and more.

  • Episode 5: Marketing Best Practices for State and Local Government

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will talk with three public sector marketers who have unlocked the secrets of successfully marketing to state and local governments.

  • Episode 6: End of Year Buying Marketing Hype – FACT or FICTION?

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will talk with 3 federal executives to pick their brains on what really happens inside of a federal agency during the end-of-year buying season.

  • Episode 7: How to successfully market to government during a CR

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear from three former federal executives about how CRs impact the government procurement cycle — and your government marketing campaigns. Hear important insights into how marketers can better plan and execute their messaging campaigns when budgets are tight and future funding is uncertain.

  • Episode 8: Winning federal business takes an orchestra!

    On this episode of Market Chat, we’ll cover 3 steps to organize and launch a successful capture team.

  • Episode 9: Winning federal business with small agencies

    In this episode of Market Chat! you will learn about the Small Agency Council a voluntary management association of sub-Cabinet, independent Federal agencies, established in 1986. Does your marketing program resonate with decision makers in small agencies? Apply what you’ll learn from Market Chat to make better decisions and increase your company’s visibility among small agency decision makers.