Max Stier

  • Partnership for Public Service absorbs CEG

    The Partnership for Public Service is absorbing the majority of the Council for Excellence in Government’s programs and staff starting Feb. 16.

  • Gallup: They LIKE you! They really LIKE you!

    More Americans are interested in federal jobs these days. 4-in-10 say in a Gallup survey say they’d consider federal careers. That’s up from about 2-in-10 three years ago. The news comes as the government prepares…

  • Best federal agencies to work for

    The long awaited Best Places to Work list is out. The Partnership for Public Service compiled the rankings from the Office of Personnel Management’s personnel survey. The list evaluates how well employees are satisfied with…

  • House joins Smart Contracting Caucus

    Members of the House of Representatives that are interested in contracting issues join the Smart Contracting Caucus. The group is starting a series of discussions about issues that are creating some challenges for acquisition managers.…

  • Lawmakers seek a better presidential transition

    The recent presidential transition from the Bush to Obama Administrations has been called one of the best in history. But lawmakers are considering legislation that would further streamline the peaceful hand-off of governmental authority. Would a reduction in the number of political appointees requiring Senate confirmation be part of that streamlining?

  • Senator Ted Kaufman’s goal: doing better transitions

    Legislation builds on Bush-to-Obama transition success.

  • Your child’s current and future options with FEHBP

    A bill has been introduced that would let the Office of Personnel Management extend health insurance to adult children of federal employees this year, instead of having them wait for the Affordable Health Care Act that was signed by President Obama in March.

  • 2010 SAMMIES honor the best in civil service

    The Service to America Medals (Sammies) awards program pays tribute to America’s dedicated federal workforce, highlighting those who have made significant contributions to our country. Max Stier, President of the Partnership for Public Service, gives us a preview of today’s announcement

  • A day of thank yous to federal employees

    Senior administration officials encourage and promote federal service during Public Service Recognition Week. President Obama sends letter recognizing federal, state and local government employees.

  • What’s the best place to work in the federal government?

    The Partnership for Public Service along with the Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation at American University released its annual rankings of the best places to work in the federal government.