• Agency cybersecurity reporting to get makeover

    OMB has launched new tool to automate FISMA reporting. This data will help populate a new cybersecurity dashboard, federal CIO Vivek Kundra says. OMB also wants to collect more specific data around how much and where agencies are spending money on IT security.

  • GSA to rethink what success means

    Administrator Johnson wants to reduce the number of metrics GSA uses, and move the measures from inspection to motivating employees. The agency also wants to encourage agencies to be less risk adverse by leaning on their services.

  • GSA Administrator Martha Johnson making waves at IRMCO

    Johnson will lead an off-site event in May to reexamine how the agency is serving its customers.

  • GSA Administrator Martha Johnson kicks off IRMCO with a bang

    She announces a top-to-bottom review of how they measure whether or not they are meeting their mission.

  • CDW report: Agencies adopt green gov to reduce IT energy use

    CDW-G’s Andy Lausch discusses the findings of a report on green government initiative metrics for IT.

  • DoD experts weigh in on the way out of budget squeeze

    In a world of shrinking budgets, federal agencies are constantly looking to improve performance. No one is dealing with that more right now than the Department of Defense. But the DoD, with its inherent emphasis on mission and metrics, is also poised to adapt to this new climate better than anyone else. On the Federal Drive, several DoD experts weighed in on balancing performance and resources.

  • New metrics to help agencies determine value of social media

    GSA led a 12-member interagency working group to create a set of measures specifically aimed at defining the usefulness of social media for agencies. The agency also released an API that lets users create tools to bring together government social media feeds in one place. Both tools are called for in the Digital Government Strategy.

  • Innovation metrics can help CIOs improve performance

    A new IBM Center for The Business of Government report says CIOs lack understanding for innovation metrics, which could grow their operations if used.

  • Making the most of feedback to improve citizen experience

    John Loughlin, the director of business insights at HighPoint Global, offers a how-to guide to tame the metrics beast.